Monday, July 05, 2010

Lots of Things!

ey dudes and dudettes. Here's a bunch of stuff I'm working on in case you are curious.

Making a GM Claymore update for my friend's birthday. You will be remembered Grand Marshall Lawmonkasshu! This will be printed out on my school's Zcorp printer in full 3D and color. I need to order some glass domes for this and the frostmorne I made earlier. I've been thinking of working on a mechanism to make the wings retractable. First comes the game ready model, then I will modify it to be printable.

Haven't really done any characters for a while so decided to make a WoW-ish Sword Dog:
Very WIP. Need to refine the texture and add clothes plus weapons.

Some lantern studies trying to replicate Cataclysm concept art. May or may not actually model these props :

When Blizz released the Female Worgen models without hair, I thought it would be fun to draw on some interesting Euro style hair:

The diffuse texture from my shovel:

A coffin I did a while back but never posted it. Made to look like they held the bodies of Gilneans that had to be put down due to Worgen Transformation. Big wooden box, with lots of scratches!

A bottle of BOOMSHINE! Retexture of my Doomshine Jug. Man I hate Moonfire spam:

A little coffin cart concept art. I like how the lighting turned out on this. Not going to make this one, since didn't think the idea was too interesting:

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