Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sulfuras! Fury of Ragnaros!

The Hand of Ragnaros returns! With a bit of a twist...

512 Diffuse

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Rocket ladies!

Homeworld was cool

2D Concepts!

Gilneas Graveyard WIP

Currently working on a graveyard inspired by Cataclysm. Improving my texture variety and ability to paint stone surfaces as well as tillable terrain textures.

Portable BTU

679 Tris

512 Diffuse:

Who doesn't love cooking in World of Warcraft? This is my idea for a instant cast portable cooking fire that can be made by engineers. +5 cooking?!

youtube animation:

Ceruleon's Throne

Environment created while taking Kevin Griffith's 3D environments for games class at Gnomon. An underwater environment designed from scratch. I learned a lot about the fundamentals of game environments from taking Kevin's class. Kevin is an all around awesome guy who really knows his stuff and I recommend his class.

Additional Screenshots:

The story of this environment is an underwater civilization that has fallen into ruin due to an evil corruption. A malevolent force trapped underneath the throne room of the Ceruleans burst forth from the ground and took over the kingdom, forcing it's citizens to do it's bidding. The brave adventurer journeys to the throne to vanquish the corrupted king, who is symbiotically linked to the king.

Concept Work:

I wanted to create a more original environment and so combined the room with the boss monster, corrupting half of it and put a cool looking crack in the middle of the room, from where the corruption leaked out. You can see images depicting the ceruleans in the fresco etched on the walls. After the class was over a spent a lot of time refining the painting.

2k Main Diffuse texture:

512 Throne Diffuse texture:

512 Additional Diffuse texture:

Trident of destiny:
120 Tris

256 Diffuse:

You can see this sequence and other in my demo reel here:

Blighfrost Tower

Personal Project inspired by World of Warcraft. A tower designed to be dropped into enemy territories to freeze and corrupt the ground. Nerubian inspired harpoons would fire from the tower to anchor the structure firmly in place. Based on existing scourge ziggurats, I wanted create something that felt like an upgrade to existing base defenses. Kevin Griffith provided me with excellent feedback, and the tower became much squatter then the original concept painting.

8637 Tris
Modeled in 3Ds max
Looping Animations

Additional Screenshots:

2K Diffuse Texture for tower:

1k Diffuse Texture for surroundings:

512 Diffuse Texture for harpoon cannon:

Concept work: